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Saturday, December 15 2018 @ 04:56 PM PST

Playing embedded DIVX videos with Firefox

TechnicalThe problem: Divx-encoded videos play within the web browser in Internet Explorer but not Firefox.

The cause: Incomplete support of Firefox by the Windows Media Player web plugin.

The solution: Use something else.

Divx is an "open" video encoding standard that allows for much higher compression (smaller files) than other video formats. Several of the videos on this site are divx encoded due to storage and bandwidth issues.

With one of the divx codec packages installed (from divx.com or freecodecs.com) the video would play fine in Internet Explorer, which is what the great majority of web surfers use.

But I and many of my friends use Firefox (www.getfirefox.com) and all you get with that browser is the "broken plugin" icon.

After much frustration and research, I found an article on the Gallery website that talked about the problem and offered a workaround. I've tested the workaround, and it actually works. (What you've always wanted in a workaround...)

In a nutshell, the Apple Quicktime plugin does not have the same issues with firefox as the Media Player plugin. Configuring Quicktime to handle the avi file type instead of Media Player essentially solves the problem.

If you haven't already, go to www.apple.com/quicktime, download and install Quicktime.

After installation, go to Control Panel -> Quicktime, click on "File Types", click on the plus next to "Video" and check "Video for Windows". Click "Apply" and close the window.

That's it. Firefox will use Quicktime instead of Media Player for Divx-encoded AVI files, and the video will play within the browser.


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