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Saturday, December 15 2018 @ 03:44 PM PST

The new jacket

Harley-DavidsonI break down and buy actual clothing from the Boutique...

You've heard Harley shops called "The Boutique" by hard-core riders. In my perception, a lot of the stuff is pose-worthy, (I'm not much into chrome) especially the clothes. Typically we purchase our stuff elsewhere, from local non-dealer shops, and if it just absolutely *has* to say Harley on it somewhere (which was the case with my daughter) we can always buy a patch at the boutique and sew it on.

The exception up to now has been a pair of boots my wife bought from the cut-out rack when I was in buying a part for the beast. They actually say "harley" on them and with discount were probably only 10% or 20% more than just about any other riding boots she could have purchased. But she likes them, so what do I know?

So, we get a flyer in the mail that the local dealer is having a free pancake breakfast the following Sunday, and as wife hates to cook breakfast, it seemed like a visit to the boutique would be a good way to start the day.

While we're there, I get a 2007 catalog (my first catalog in several years), look over the bikes and then follow wife and child as they wander over to the clothing section.

Now, this is the dead of winter, and the dealer is apparently in a panic to sell off last year's remaining clothing items. There's several "sale" racks. In the past, I've looked through those, but they're usually filled with horribly expensive leathers marked down to merely expensive.

But my current leather jacket, a heavy, "classic biker" style from a small company in Washington, is a bit beat-up, and frankly, since I put the windshield on the bike, the thing is just too hot, even in the fall.

It so happens that the only jacket on the rack that fits me is a straight-zipper "mandarin collar" something--or-other (I can't keep track of the marketing names). It actually feels pretty good, doesn't bind in riding position, and with 50% markdown, is only $80 more than my last jacket.

But business has been good lately, and the salesgirl is really cute, so what the hell.

So I've got a new jacket. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it's more comfortable and fits better than the heavy monster I used to wear. On the other hand, there's no hiding that it's from the boutique, aaaaand it has the moco's name on the front and back for extra poseur value.

It remains to be seen whether wearing this thing will cause me to be rejected by Real Bikers.


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