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I'm raising my child to be abnormal

FamilyWritten 8/28/1997

Personally, I'm raising my child to be abnormal.

But only in that I'm helping her to learn whatever she wants to learn, be it astronomy or stick fighting.She's just three years old. I haven't tried to shelter her, or hold her back, but I also haven't been drilling her with the alphabet or math, or any other skill, except when she wants to. (She likes to play "school" once in awhile. We take turns being teacher.) She just finished her first swimming class.

She has an interest in tools. Her new tool for this week is the crescent wrench. She's just discovering that it can be adjusted to fit over all sorts of things. It's a bit inconvenient when she takes things apart, but I try to work around her natural curiosity rather than make my tools off limits to her. Last week's tool was the screwdriver. That was fun.... I'm hoping next week's tool is something benign like the tape measure, and not, say, the rip saw.

(Just kidding. Dangerous tools are kept out of her reach.)

So, she can do some of the things that I'm told "gifted children" can do, but not others. She hasn't shown much interest in reading, for example. But her English is good, (she pronounces all four syllables in the word "actually") and she can find Venus in the evening sky (and knows it's a planet, not a star, and knows the difference) and she knows the proper way to hold a quarterstaff. Kind of an eclectic mix, but like I said, I'm raising her to be abnormal.

I think that it's a bad idea to try and "supercharge" the kid at an early age, but on the other hand I get uncomfortable with the phrase "we're raising our kid to be normal". I would hope that by "being normal" one means to enable the kid to go as far as the kid wants to go, and not stifling the kid's natural curiosity or aptitude in the cause of "normality".



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