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The FedEx game


What started as a gimmick to combat boredom during car trips turns into a fairly sophisticated game.

FedEx and Federal Express are trademarks of the FedEx Corporation.

Rules to the FedEx game are exclusive copyright of Shannon E. Christian.

Note: We have no connection with FedEx except as satisfied customers.

The FedEx game started on a long drive when my daughter was getting bored. My wife pointed out that the E and X in FedEx contained an arrow pointing to the right, a revelation that kept my daughter occupied for awhile.

Finding the arrow on FedEx trucks turned into a game of who could find the most FedEx trucks during the trip.

Over the years, what was a pasttime to keep a kid from boredom turned into a game with fairly sophisticated rules. At first the rules were quite a bit in flux, but as time went on we were able to refine the rules into something that was playable and interesting.

The choice of the FedEx truck turned out to be a good one. The symbol is easily recognizable, and the trucks come in many sizes from minivans to semis.

The Rules:

  1. When a player sees a FedEx truck, they say "FedEx I win". The first person to say this gets one point.
  2. A FedEx truck is defined as any vehicle prominently displaying the FedEx logo. The truck does not have to be moving but must be a real vehicle. Photos or video don't count.
  3. The same FedEx truck can only be counted once. Players must reach a consensus as to whether a truck in question has already been counted or not. If a consensus can not be reached, the truck does not count.
  4. Semi tractors bearing the logo but not pulling a trailer count as one point. However, tractors pulling one trailer still only count as one point.
  5. Semi tractors pulling two trailers count as two points, but the player must call out both, either by saying "FedEx I win times two" or "FedEx times two I win". Similarly, tractors pulling three trailers count as three points if called. If a player fails to call an additional trailer, another player can call it. The first player to call a point wins.
  6. (This rule is somewhat controversial.) If a player starts to call a point but takes too long to say it, another player can say the phrase and take the point. For instance, if someone starts to say "FedEx I win" but another player can finish the phrase first, the other player gets the point.
  7. In the case of two players saying the phrase at the same time, the two players must play Rock Paper Scissors for the point. Winner takes the point. What constitutes "the same time" must be decided by consensus.
  8. Calling a truck that is not a FedEx truck results in a penalty. The next point the player earns legitimately must be passed to another player of the player's choice. This rule is subject to abuse. If the rule is abused, players can decide on an alternate rule in which the penalty is that all other players get a point.

When to call a point is part of the strategy. Waiting too long for a positive ID may result in someone else calling the point first. On the other hand, calling a point before positive identification may result in a penalty.

FedEx stations and hubs are rich grounds for points. Don't forget that only vehicles count.

A game can be continued after a stop (for gas or food or sightseeing) but the game ends when the trip ends for the day. The next day starts a new game.

The Prize: The winner of the game gets a beverage of his or her choice. In our case this is usually a soft drink.


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

If using "Rock Paper Scissors" to decide a tie is not challenging enough, players can agree to play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock instead.

The FedEx cell phone game

The FedEx cellphone game is generally played with the same rules, but the players are geographically separate from each other, and play by taking photos of FedEx trucks and sending them to each other via MMS along with the appropriate text message "FedEx I win", "FedEx times two I win" etc.

Note: This is really difficult to do while driving, so my daughter has a distinctive advantage in this form of the game and usually wins by a large margin.

Copyright 2008 Shannon E. Christian


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