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Personal links

  • Al Cuenco (1,103)
    I first met Al Cuenco in college in the mid seventies. I lost track of him shortly before I got my first real job. He then looked me up around '79 or '80 (I forget exactly) when he got back from a stint with the US armed forces in Germany. He and I have worked together at two companies over the past 15 years or so. He currently works for a utility in Portland, Oregon and is looking for a way out of the computer nerd business. (Aren't we all...) Al rides a late model Harley Springer (FLSTS). Al's web page doesn't have a lot of original content, but does contain an absolutely amazing amount of reference material.
  • Why liberals are wrong: The Rock Reports (7,750)
    Rock and I used to ride together back in high school. He is articulate, thoughtful, level headed and rather opinionated. But unlike a lot of the cruft that passes for opinions on the web, his articles are worth reading. Without further ado, I present: Why liberals are wrong: The Rock Reports