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Current Pets

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henry Henry is an African Grey parrot. He is of the Congo variety, which has a black beak and bright red tail.

When his owner died, Henry went to live with relatives. They heard about us from a mutual friend, and we ended up adopting him. He was very timid at first, but Tammy eventually convinced him to come out of the cage. He now spends afternoons on her wrist or in her lap. Henry will allow me to handle him if Tammy hands him to me.

Cody Junior was born Christmas day 2007. Her mother was a litter mate of Cody Senior, making him Cody Senior's nephew.

Cody Junior's litter was mostly males, which made it very hard to pick out a puppy. We picked him from the three largest pups as being the most curious and social. We took possession of Cody Junior on Valentine's Day, 2008.

Despite the physical resemblance, Cody Junior is a completely different dog from his uncle. He is much more socialized, less aggressive, and quieter. Physically, his coat is not as red or as flat as his uncle's and he's probably an inch taller. At right, Cody Junior on his first birthday, Christmas 2008.

The other dogs accepted him immediately, especially Allie, who desperately needed a running buddy.

Mu and Water Heater are Shannon's pet rats. They are from a local breeder. The "Water Heater" name was an accident. When Shannon only had Mu, she was trying to convince a friend that Mu was a different rat, but couldn't come up with a name quickly enough. She glanced around at the objects in the room and blurted out "Water Heater". Later when she got her second rat, the name stuck.

Yoda is a Parrotlet. He is our second Parrotlet, after Noodles. Yoda is not a rescue bird like Noodles was. He is in excellent shape and temperment. Yoda loves attention and will fly out of his cage land on your shoulder or head. He likes being cuddled but can be vicious if he thinks you're ignoring him.

Peanut is an Indian Ringneck. Being a female, her ring is very faint, not the black circle like Chicken had. Peanut likes to be stroked and will make clucking sounds when you stroke her head.

Ali Losing Fred in the summer of 2006 left us a two dog family for some months. Then, in September, we had an opportunity to adopt from a very special litter.

We adopted Ali Sunday, September 19, 2006. Ali was supposed to be Tammy's dog, but has bonded to Shannon. You can never tell what dogs are going to do.

Ali was born in the wild, and has the most interesting mannerisms of any dog we've owned. The first year she was here, she was very secretive. She would steal things -- Shannon's stuffed toys, articles of clothing, food containers -- drag them outside, and hide them. She was particularly fond of anything that had been in contact with Shannon. This became a problem when she kept stealing Timmy, Shannon's most prized stuffed animal. Timmy is bigger than Allie, but she managed to drag it through the doggie door on several occasions. Allie has destroyed many of Shannon's stuffed animals, but luckily Timmy still survives, although occasionally needing some repairs.

Allie as an adult Allie wasn't always destructive. Sometimes she'd steal an article and chew it up, but other times she seemed to steal something just to have it. She took my wallet off the end table one Saturday morning. Outside I found all the stuff that was in it, unharmed, spread out over the grass. The only items missing were my actual wallet and my driver's license. I was looking forward to standing in line at the DMV when Allie came back in the house with my wallet in her mouth, intact, and gave it back to me. The license was still inside. A very curious dog.

Allie sleeps at the foot of Shannon's bed every night. She gets very worried, and is more prone to bad behavior, when Shannon is not at home.

For more on Ali, follow these links:

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Jasmine is a Dalmation and Black Lab mix. She was rescued in 1998, at just a few months old, when Shannon was four. Jasmine was supposed to be Shannon's dog, but she has bonded to me, to Shannon's annoyance.

Jasmine was my jogging partner after Duke. She was getting a little stiff by the time we got Cody Senior, so had to retire from jogging. More recently, she has revived remarkably on a combination Glucosamine and MSM mixture, although her hindquarters still get a little sore after exercise.

Jasmine's habits and personality are so much like Dusty that Tammy and I sometimes call her Dusty by mistake. She has the same intelligence, the same tendency to steal food rather than beg for it, the same demanding attitude, and she rules the pack with an iron paw. She is absolutely devoted to the family and protects us from every outside noise.

Cisco Cisco, a female Quaker, was a frequent visitor, and has finally come to stay. At left, Cisco with a very young Shannon.

Cisco Cisco and Chicken were convinced they were an item, despite being different species. Cisco will occasionally pry open the door to her cage and move in with Chicken for awhile, then migrate back to her cage and lay eggs. They never hatched, of course.

Cisco never felt the same about Peanut. They will talk to each other, but they never really got close.

clyde Clyde, the box turtle. Clyde was a rescue turtle. A friend of Tammy's found Clyde in her front yard. After attempts to find his owner failed, Clyde was put up for adoption.

His full name is Clyde the Second. Clyde the First was a desert tortoise my step-father owned from when I was about eight until well after I left for college.

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