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The Harley-Davidson, and motorcycles in general

Real men ride bikes that vibrate

Ron at campground I ride a '98 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster Sport. People tell me that you're supposed to name your "sled", but I can't think of anything profound except "The Beast" (which is already taken) and "Hemorrhoid", which, although descriptive and more likely to be unique, is too hard to spell.

previous bike I've been riding regularly since I was twelve (1967). I've owned fourteen motorcycles over the years, a few dirt bikes, some street bikes, mostly Japanese. (See previous bike at right.) The Sportster is my first Harley. I don't know if it'll be my last motorcycle, but I don't see ever getting rid of it.

Tammys first bike Tammy passed the MSF course in 1999. Her practice bike was a 1985 Virago 500. It was cheap and we wouldn't be too upset if she dropped it. I think she did, once, at a stop sign.

Tammys first day on sportster At right, Tammy's first day on her 1999 Hugger. Shannon picked the color. Tammy wanted purple, but they didn't have that color in stock. I guess she could always paint it.

Shannon rides with me Shannon rode with me from a very early age...

Bite of Portland ...and still does. Shannon still enjoys riding on the back, although she thinks I should sell the Sportster and get a Bagger. She wants arm rests and stereo speakers and a CD changer. I figure, how many times can you listen to "Born to be wild"?

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