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Tae Kwon Do

Ron sparring Shannon For several years I worked out with the Western Regional Tae Kwon Do Association at the dojo in Hillsboro, Oregon. On these pages are snapshots at our storefront in Hillsboro.

My daughter Shannon was also in the Hillsboro TKD class. On Tuesday and Thursday I instructed the children's class that Shannon attended, and then worked out in the adult class. At right, Shannon's first attempt to break a board. (She got it the second time.)

Shannon doing basics Shannon breaking board Although schools differ radically, my general impression has been that WTA dojos are more self-defense oriented and not very tournament-oriented, unlike the WTF and ITF. Certainly the three or four WTA and WRTA dojos I have had the pleasure of knowing have offered traditional, sweaty, no-gimmick hard working instruction. No string of trophies in the window.

Shannon breaks board At left, Shannon's second successful break.

Shannon sparring portrait Shannon and Lauren sparring For various reasons, Shannon was stuck for years as a 3 stripe white belt.

Then, to the surprise of all of us, including Shannon, a little, I think, she tested for and received her yellow belt Saturday Jan 18, 2003. I had the pleasure of running her portion of the test and presenting her with her new belt.

Thus ends the longest span as a white belt ever endured by a regularly attending student.

Her friend Lauren earned her yellow belt at the same time. I don't know how much Lauren's upcoming test had to do with Shannon's sudden increase in effort. She had a hard time with the idea that Lauren might pass her up, but I'm not sure how much that had to do with it.

In this school, you had to be at least a yellow belt in order to spar. This opened new worlds for both of them.

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